Week 1: Emovention

emvention_IconWeek 1: Emovention.
In This module You Will Discover How to Stop Thinking About the Breakup and Discover How to Reduce Negative Stressful Emotional States Instantly.
You will have the tools to stop focusing on the past by giving you strategies to quickly regain control of your thoughts and emotions so you can move forward.

Week 2: Apperception

apperception-get over divorce

This module is about shifting your perception of time and energy so that you can get past self-imposed limitations while awakening your own forgotten sense of self-value.  Breakups can damage self esteem in ways that prevent recognizing your own greatness.  Apperception is about adding information to your self perception that enables you to remove limiting beliefs and sadness baggage that’s been weighing you down and preventing your growth.

Week 3: Emotional Recircuiting

emotional-recircuiting-get-over-divorceEmotional Recircuiting module transforms negative emotional responses into a positive or neutral emotion. In this module fears about success are switched into excitement and passion so that you’re automatic emotional responses shift in ways that allow you to be inspired by your rockstar goals.  This module is packed with mental training strategies such as the J-Lo-ving Self, Roosevelt Grief Resolution, Turner Ittenshikai Strategy, Bushido Strategy, Anti-Relapse Strategy,and the Rock Star Question Strategy.


Week 4: Unification

get over divorce-get-over-breakup

The Unification Module is when there is congruency between subconscious programming and conscious desires.  This is evidenced by 6 months of progress, growth and expansion by focusing your energy into a magnificent obsession such as writing, performing, running a business or being involved in something that adds value to the planet beyond your years.