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'Design Human Engineering and Neuro-Linguistic Programming™ Practitioner Reveals the Formula for Getting Over a Breakup Like a Rockstar'

Best Part: You can be absorbing the thinking of the greatest examples in modern history of people who experienced adversity and became fantastically successful because of it

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From: Devin Scannura

 It's true...

There are people who had a breakup and then became rockstars because of it.

Not all of them became rockstars.  Some became billionaires from writing. Some became billionaire real estate developers, some turned loser teams into first place champions.  One man was wrongly imprisoned in a Siberian prison cell for nine years.  When he was released, he exited his cell stronger than ever, beat the world chess champion and then became a successful politician.

Another had a breakup with his girlfriend while his video game co-developer ended their partnership.  While his business and his relationship shattered, his parents had a breakup and his dad was diagnosed with leukemia.  He continued his lonely work after his breakup, learned more skills and eventually launched his award winning and wildly successful indie video game.

All of them experienced extreme heartbreak and were able to bounce back, hardcore.

These were just some of the average people studied for creating the formula for building a persons ability to bounce back from a 'negative' experience of the past.

Let's face it.  Life happens.  It's only natural for some relationships to end for whatever reasons.  Some people have a very difficult time with it.  They might have flashbacks or find themselves unable to stop thinking of their ex or unable to move forward with their lives.

This can result in lonely nights.  Craving the ex.  Unable to stop thinking of what went wrong while wasting away years of life thinking about the past.

But on the other hand and far more fascinating, are the people that became...

Wildly Successful After Their Breakup.

So my focus was to understand these 'rockstars of resilience' and discover their patterns of behaviour.  Why?  So that their thinking could be copied and learn how to recover quickly, save years of heartache and prevent addictively obsessing about the gut wrenching past. This is what compelled me to discover the formula for ...

How to become empowered by adversity and experience Post-Traumatic Growth...

The more I read about the people who dramatically improved their lives after a breakup, the more fascinated I became about why some people had resilience in the face of adversity along with discovering how this is possible.  Also, I wasn't the only one interested in this. There is also a course about this taught in Harvard!

Empirical evidence at Harvard is used in 'Psychological Resilience' course to understand how people can change the way their brain responds to negative experiences of the past.

Here is just one quote from the textbook, 'Handbook of Adult Resilience', the main source in teaching how to bounce back after a bad experience  ...

'evidence from several other empirical studies suggests, that the answer to whether resilience can be bolstered is "yes".'


Studies prove intervention strategies help people bounce back and experience long term benefits.  

Now I want to share with you the back story about the creation of the Rockstar Resilience 'Breakup Get Over' Formula.

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There was a famous medical doctor named Milton Erickson.  He was known for being able to help his clients by telling them hypnotic stories. He is now considered as the world's greatest hypnotherapist.

He was so amazing at helping his clients, that doctors from all over the United States would send their 'problem' patients to him.

He also helped a patient, (Donald Lawrence), win an Olympic Gold medal just by telling him stories.

Milton Erickson is such a legend in the field of transformation, that a movie was recently made about him called 'Wizard of the Desert'.

After his decades of success, two researchers began recording and analyzing the languaging of Dr Milton Erickson that was helping so many people.

These two researchers then published their discoveries in a two volume book called 'Patterns of the Hypnotic Techniques of Milton H. Erickson'.

These two researchers, John Grinder and Richard Bandler, then created their own field of study called Neuro-Linguistic Programming™ which is about the study of subjective behaviour.

What's that?

To sum it up simply, it's about finding a person that has a certain skill set that is worth learning and then copying them.

One of the most famously successful strategies from NLP™ is the 'phobia cure'.

This mental training strategy was discovered by interviewing hundreds of people that got rid of a phobia and finding out what common steps they did to achieve this.

These common steps were then applied to people with phobias.

When this strategy was taught to clients,  they realized their phobias were removed!  This secured the realization that the mind strategy really worked.


This is how successful mind strategies are created.

The 6 step phobia cure was published in 1985 and it continues to successfully work for people that had phobias about birds, water, success, bees, snakes, sharks (the Jaws movie gave a lot of people phobias about going in the water but this strategy helped them to get back into swimming again), and more.

This strategy was also used for helping over 753 World Trade Center Survivors to remove Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder from the 9-11 attacks.  The results they got from using this mind strategy helped their...

Negative emotions reduce by 80% in 3-5 hours.

Dr. Frank Bourke, Executive Director of the NLP Research and Recognition Project and Coordinator to the NLP Community was the one who implemented the rehabilitation project and continues to help Veterans get relief from emotional problems.

You can hear Dr Bourke speak briefly about it in this video below..

Because this strategy was so successful, another scientist, Dr Richard Gray, began researching how it helps people to transform so quickly and successfully.  Eventually he had 'tacked down the mechanism' in the brain that is responsible for making the change for good.

It is this mechanism in the brain responsible for shifting emotional gears for getting over a breakup.

While I was listening to the lectures of Richard Gray Ph.D, he made a few references to Richie Davidson Ph.D who is a Harvard graduate in psychology and is considered a 'pioneer in the field of mind-body medicine' *  Quote from TIME magazine.

The article about Richie Davidson highlighted how he is one of the top 100 people who is 'transforming our world' by researching how the brain responds after using mental training strategies for cultivating psychological resilience.  Richie was doing studies on Buddhist monks to understand how meditation can
 'rewire circuits in the brain' 
 so that people can become more resilient.  It was such big news that even the Wall Street Journal had a headline story that read 'Scans of Monks Brains Shows Meditation Alters Structure and Functioning'

Richie Davidson Ph.D speaks about his work in the video below.

After going through stacks of bullet proof evidence about the benefits of these mental training strategies, I also studied (ok I became obsessed!) with the storytelling 'magic' of Milton Erickson MD, Ph.D

My goal was to collect and refine the best mental training strategies to help a person get over a breakup and improve their lives while using the Milton Erickson hypnotic storytelling techniques.

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Some of the stories are of people you probably know.

For instance Annie Mae Bullock is a woman you're probably familiar with.  She broke up with her husband and was left with $.53 cents to her name.  After that breakup she heard a story about a lotus flower and then she became a rockstar and won several grammy awards.  She speaks about the 5 words she meditated that helped her to get over a breakup, change her mindset, live her wildest dream and become the Queen of Rock n Roll, Tina Turner.

Another person is Stefanie Germanotta.  She had a breakup with her boyfriend and then told him that he 'won't be able to get a cup of coffee in this town (New York City) without hearing my name.'  After her breakup she read a tiny book everyday, tattooed a quote from it on her arm,  used a Milton Erickson technique without even knowing it and then became one of the most successful pop stars of all time, Lady Gaga.

The fact is that people have breakups, divorces, challenges, adversity, everyday and that's unavoidable and uncontrollable.  What we can control is the way we respond to breakups.

Friedrich Nietzsche famously put it this way, 'What doesn't kill me, makes me stronger'.

So, we can look at Harvard scientists talking about empirical evidence proving that mental training strategies can bolster resilience and we can look at

People Who Had Suffered and Then Bounced Back Big Time.

Both are extremely beneficial to learn from.

Even more powerful is combining all of this and adding hypnotic stories of people who had experienced heartbreaking challenges as a stepping stone to a better life.

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Storytelling is considered one of the most impactful and persuasive forms of teaching and learning.  Ever saw a movie and felt empowered by it or were moved emotionally by it in ways that affected your behaviour?

Now imagine what happens when you blend that power with the mental training strategies that actively engages the mechanism in your brain that is responsible for shifting your emotional states in ways that ...

Naturally and Automatically Empowers You to Get Over a Breakup

The fact is that the brain is an organ that can rewire itself in response to experience.

This is known as neuroplasticity.  Now the question is, how are you going to give your brain the experiences to naturally rewire itself in ways that empowers you to get over a breakup and become the best version of you?

Can you do this on your own?

Yes, especially if you know the exact mental training strategies that turns on the mechanism in your brain that changes your memories of the past so you can move on.

Really?  C'mon... really???

Yes and the key process in getting over a breakup like a rockstar involves 'protein synthesis' and this is activated in your brain when certain thought sequences are initiated.  This is known as 'memory reconsolidation' and it is about changing your memories and in particular the way your emotions responded to experiences in the past.

So if you want to naturally get over a breakup using the mechanisms in your brain that allows you to automatically feel different about your past, get over your ex and be excited about creating a new future by building the habits that propel you to create the life you really want, then use the strategies that professionals have known for years on how to get over a breakup fast and with long term beneficial results, naturally.

How soon can you see results?

The average length of time to grow new connections in the brain to get over a breakup and cultivate resilience can occur in and around 7 hours.  This has also been found consistent by the research done by neuroscientist Dr. Richard Davidson.

The sooner you can get yourself over the past, the faster you can be focusing your time and energy on creating a new future.  Others have had a breakup and have become better versions of themselves because of it and this is a skill that you can learn too.

Now you can have access to the the mental training strategies that professionals use to help people discover how to be resilient and how to get over a breakup fast.  Your brain can rewire itself in better ways that is beneficial for you and the course of your life.  The strategies are proven effective and are available for you here.